Carl!! Music Festival - a festival in a house

April 25-27 2008

130 King St. N.

Carl!! is a 3 day, open minded, independent music festival at an alternative venue space. Carl!! will be celebrating vital independent Canadian music and vibrant local arts at our very own Trepid House in Waterloo.

Carl!! is above all else, a 3 day mini-fest of house shows at 130 King St. N. in Waterloo. It's a chance for people to experience a wide array of bands that they really should be exposed to, and to get to meet these people, and have a great time.

One of the core concepts behind house shows and alternative venue spaces is the elimination of the barrier between performer and audience. To make personal connections between people and music. So it was very important that we avoid the impersonal tendency of naming festivals or events after locations, objects, or sayings. A festival founded on real connections needed to be named accordingly. Carl!! isn't just a bunch of shows, it's a friend.

Carl!! marks our second annual music festival in a house. You can read about last year's super successful Carl! (notice the number of punctuation marks, and make a note of the clever nomenclature) here.

Also, there will be magic!

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Some of the performers include: Direct any questions to