Here are a selection of samples of some of the house shows hosted at 130 King St. North, of which the artists have made the recordings available for your listening pleasure.

Oct 19, 2006
The Scramblies, Matt Perpick, Freud

Ol' timey finger-pinkin' and kazoo! Upright bass and acoustic guitar meet hip hop! Triumphant returns!

Sept 30, 2006
The Winks, Vincat, Elbow Beach Surf Club

Birthday Party Show! This show was in support of The Winks' upcoming album, and was absolute insanity. Hundreds of balloons falling from the sky, air filled with confetti, party hats, and birthday cake.

Aug 24, 2006
Burnt Oak Showcase/CTRPLLR show - Richard Laviolette, Tamsen & Elliot, Tell the Divers

Aug 17, 2006
Motion Picture Cinema, What Seas What Shores, Nick Storring

This was something of a dream show for us. It was crazy night of experimental, post-rock, progressive, and all-round pleasant sounds. This was the final show of Motion Picture Cinema. Nick Storring really elevated the show with an insane live-sampling set. What Seas What Shores played an amazing set of really beautiful sounds, after an incredibly close call with their van.

Aug 4, 2006
Richard Laviolette, Chris Yang, Matthew Perpick

The heat broke tonite, so the show was approximately -10000 degrees of hot. In terms of temperature. It was like +100000 degrees of hotness, in terms of music.

Jun 30, 2006
The Get Sets, The Chemical Swings, Campfire Bonfire, Matthew Perpick

A terrifically fun show in the heat of summer, featuring two killer bands on tour from Montreal, the Get Sets, and the Chemical Swings. Campfire Bonfire of Oshawa slayed, and Matt Perpick's ragtag crew kept it all real.

Jun 4, 2006 - Photo
Richard Laviolette > photo, Chris Yang > photo, Griffon > photo

We welcomed our friends back for was certainly another magical night and show to remember.

Mar 4, 2006
Richard Laviolette, Griffon, Households, Chris Yang, Lauren Gallaccio

Chris Yang, Richard Laviolette, and Households were on another east coast tour, and agreed to rock Waterloo once again. Households and Chris Yang each have new albums out this year. And we're always very fortunate to have a chance to hear Lauren Gallaccio perform. Griffon was a last minute surprise addition, on tour from NY, and graced us with her sweet melodies.

Jan 26, 2006 - Photos
Leah Abramson, Thousand Dollar Wedding, Matthew Perpick, Freud

Leah Abramson, a singer/songwriter from Vancouver, managed to squeeze in a stop in k-w, and we were pretty lucky to have her play. Intelligent, melancholic melodic refrains. Thousand Dollar Wedding returned to the tri-cities area, bearing rock. Matthew Perpick dusted off the old diamond studded jumpsuit and performed again, alone this time, some softer, pretty stuff. Freud brought the delicate to frenetic acoustic guitar rock

Nov 11, 2005
Chris Yang, Richard Laviolette, Lauren Gallaccio, Freud

This was the first house show hosted at our new home. It was an amazing night and we made some great friends. In the midst of a Quebec/New York/Ontario tour, Chris Yang and Richard Laviolette managed to squeeze a house show appearance into their schedules. It was a night of beautiful music.