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  Kite Hill

Lake of Stew
  The Liptonians

When high school pals Matt Schellenberg and Bucky Driedger moved into a house on Lipton Street, dubbed in "Liptonia," and started making music, the outcome seemed uncertain. Two and a half years later they emerged with an "earnest little pop-rock gem," says Uptown Magazine.

The now five-piece band from Winnipeg, Manitoba mines musical territory previously explored by Wilco, The Pets and The Beatles, but manage to carve their own sound. There's piano driven, horn laden pop tunes. There's guitars feeding back through rock and roll grooves. And there's subdued folk songs, wrapped up in noise.

Recently featured as one of the "Top Five Bands to Watch in '08" by The Uniter and breaking into the Top 40 on Winnipeg's KICK FM and UMFM, the band is picking up steam. Fresh off their March 9 CD release party they are hitting the road on a 16 show tour in Ontario and Quebec.
Malcolm Bauld

You might say that Montreal based singer-songwriter Malcolm Bauld has been trying to make up for a nickname-less youth. To attempt the unenviable task of playing every city or town in Canada (when was the last time you rocked Okotoks, Alberta? ) you’re going to need some help. Greg Macpherson, Billy the Kid, Statues, Tom Fun Orchestra, Horses and Anthem Red have all played a role in his touring life. In Montreal you're likely to find him picking up whatever's on stage or in the studio and helping out folks like Dirty Tricks, Pawa Up First, Yesterday's Ring, Plastic Patrick, and Fifth Hour Hero to name a few. He's supported Amos Lee, Jets To Brazil, The Constantines, The New Amsterdams, Crooked Fingers, The Living End and The Weakerthans at home. On his most recent recordings you'll hear members of Sudbury power pop combo Statues (Radio 81, Pelado Records). Other tracks have included members of Montreal punks The Sainte Catherines (Fat Records), Mike Feuerstack (Snailhouse) and Abigail Lapell. Brought up on a steady diet of everything from seventies brit punk to American folk, Bauld is clearly hooked on the melodies and rhythms of simple, honest rock and roll.
Nick Storring  
  Proof of Ghosts

The ground is dry and there is no rain in sight. The city's heat is like a blanket and there's nowhere to go except the malls and the bars. Fuck the malls. For that matter, fuck the bars.

Toronto via Oshawa's Suck My Disc Collective disbanded. AD 2003, the city seemed a little less like home. Cheap pints and shitty jobs painted their dust colours over a lonesome summer. Then the Lights went Out, and on a crowded bar patio by candlelight with the humid haunted black skyline against a still blacker sky we sang, we sang, then we all took off our clothers and we swam, we swam... In the heat of the 2003 blackout Proof of Ghosts sunk like an acorn into Steve's heart.

Rooted in the simplified experience of the blackout – good friends and music; no electricity, no bullshit – that kernel slowly grew. Out of napkin song ideas and a basement recording sessions, Proof of Ghosts gradually began to flower, and in 2005 Steve began to perform his new songs live. Sometimes Steve would play by himself with just an acoustic guitar, reflecting the purity of his original mission. Sometimes like-minded friends would join him, gradually filling his songs with new breath.

Do you sing? What is your favorite song? Does it pull sad and sweet on the strings of your soul? Do you feel the vast aching chasm between each of us? We are not alone, we sing our bridges, we sing light into the dark, our distances seem less dire when we sing together, so don't despair, sing with us and know that we are not alone...

These days Toronto feels a little more like home for Steve. Proof of Ghosts has shared the love with locals like Rock Plaza Central, Cansancoes, The Diabaleros, and Timber Timbre. Steve opened for touring acts White Whale and VCR and even joined Do Make Say Think on tour, playing with them in Washington DC. These performances still carry the lesson gleaned from the 48 hours without power; namely that simplicity and honesty are all the energy you need. The Proof of Ghosts songs can salve the nicks and bruises of big city life.

Proof of Ghosts is going to take you home down country roads. Proof of Ghosts is pure pop perfection. Proof of Ghosts is going to tear your crying heart from your throat. Proof of Ghosts is going to sing you to sleep and Proof of Ghosts is going to chase the Devil back through the forest and out to sea.
Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs
  Sunparlour Players

The Sunparlour Players started playing live in spring of 2005 after Andrew released the first small EP "Mersea". They then released another really small live EP later in 2005. Then they played a lot more. They then released their full length studio album called, "Hymns For The Happy" in 2006, and is has now been rereleased on Baudeliare. There's singing, guitars, banjo, bass, glockenspiel, an organ pedal, loads of bass drums, bells, whistles, a clarinet, and other stuff too.