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The Music Box CD Release - Vampire Songs - 2010-09-29 - Jeff

"A swampy blend of genres that defy geography for a band from Waterloo, the Music Box blend the country of late 60's Bakersfield, the whiskey soaked freneticism of the Pogues, Woody Guthrie's politics, and some of the most 60's surf leads you'll ever find 700km inland. All delivered with tons of energy and the tightrope dynamics of the Pixies/Frank Black." - Jeff Vasey, Jeff Vasey Studios, Cambridge

This album is basically liquid awesome.

The Waterloo launch will be celebrated with a CD release show at the Starlight tonight, featuring Bocce, Teen Violence, and of course, The Music Box. Admission is only $5. facebook

New Website Launch - 2010-09-28 - Jeff
The new Trepid Records website launches today! Thanks to everyone for bearing with us, hopefully there won't be much in the way of growing pains! New shows listed! Remember the king!

A year's recap - 2008-03-12 - Jeff
Since it's been a year since the last time I updated the news, I thought a recap might be in order. It's been an amazing ride so far, with so much up and coming. Carl! was a huge success and we have another planned for the final weekend of April again this year. We opened the house gallery in October, and featured some amazing art. We've had infinity amazing shows, a change of landlords and have much more mindblowing amazingness planned to come! Sincerely, your friendly neighbourhood alternative music space.

Carl! - 2007-03-15 - Jeff
Keep your ears open for Carl! And your schedule open April 27-29.

Recognition to Put On Your Drinking Cap Records - 2007-03-01 - Jeff
Our friends down the road at Put On Your Drinking Cap Records are getting some well deserved love from the Hamilton Spectator.

More Press - 2007-02-28 - Jeff
Courtesy of Marta, another article is available here.

In the KW Record - 2007-01-27 - Jeff
Thanks to Colin Hunter, an article about us is available here. Thanks to everyone who has helped make this possible.

Look for us in the KW Record - 2007-01-15 - Jeff
Dukes of the Archipelago, There Were Valleys, and The Bloody Miracles were a huge success! Look for us in an upcoming issue of The Record.

Forest City Lovers tentative date - 2007-01-08 - Jeff
Forest City Lovers with some special friends, just might be winning a corner of your heart on Feb 9th.

The Return of The Kettle Black! - 2007-01-01 - Jeff
The Kettle Black will be returning to rock you on Feb 16th.

Dan Fournier and the Pill tentative date added - 2006-12-18 - Jeff
Saturday February 3rd is the tentative date for the wonder that is Dan Fournier and the Pill to hit 130 King St. N.!

One Heart Many Hands, Jonas Bonnetta & Friday Morning's Regret show added! - 2006-11-30 - Jeff
One Heart Many Hands, Jonas Bonnetta & Friday Morning's Regret will be playing in Jan! Don't miss it. "This shit is going to be awesome."

The Kettle Black/Bellevue/Matthew Perpick Details - 2006-11-23 - Jeff
Details of show now available.

The Kettle Black/Bellevue Show - 2006-11-21 - Jeff
On the eve of his imminent departure, Matthew Perpick has agreed to play for us one last time before emmigrating to America.

One year wrapup - 2006-11-13 - Jeff
Thanks to everyone who came out for the blast!!! Everyone involved had a wonderful time, and I want to thank you all for a great year of great times.

One year anniversary show! - 2006-11-02 - Jeff
On November 12th, it will be one year, to the day, since our first 130 King St. North house show, and we're inviting everyone back for a commemorative bash! As a featured performer of that first show, it's only fitting that we'll be welcoming back our good friend, Richard Laviolette. Touring with him, here then out east, will be the haunting sounds of Halifax's Ghost Bees. And to round out the evening, a long-time favourite of ours, Ryan Stanley. This is going to be a night of celebration, filled with great music and grand ideas. I look forward to seeing everyone out! Richard Laviolette Ghost Bees Ryan Stanley Sunday, November 12th $PWYC (pay what you can) 8:30 pm located at 130 King Street North, Waterloo

The Kettle Black show - 2006-10-26 - Jeff Woods
Tentatively announcing a show featuring The Kettle Black.

Tamsen & Elliot tour stop update - 2006-10-22 - Jeff
This show has been finalized with a stellar lineup of Tamsen & Elliot, Slow Hand Mot?m, and Kaizen!

The Scramblies! - 2006-10-10 - Jeff
Announcing a show featuring Montreal's The Scramblies, Matt Perpick, and after a long hiatus, Freud.

Ryan Stanley! - 2006-10-10 - Jeff
Ryan Stanley has been added to the already incredible Richard Laviolette/Ghost Bees show!

Birthday Party Show post-mortem - 2006-10-01 - Jeff
Thanks to everyone for coming out! The night was an absolute blast. Hundreds of balloons from the sky, confetti explosions...great people, great times.

Birthday Party Show update - 2006-09-28 - Jeff
Slow Hand Mot?m has been removed from the bill due to a scheduling conflict. HOWEVER We have added a D.I.Y. Party Hat station.

Return of Tamsen & Elliot - 2006-09-24 - Jeff
Tentative date for Tamsen & Elliot tour stop at 130 King St. N., Waterloo set for Oct 24, 06.

Birthday Party Show PLUS Slow Hand Mot - 2006-09-18 - Jeff
Slow Hand Mot?m has been added to the bill! Birthday Party Show!

Birthday Party Show Poster Up! - 2006-09-14 - Jeff
The poster for the upcoming Birthday Party show is available here.

Web Launch! - 2006-09-12 - Jeff
Welcome to the launch of the new web home of Trepid Records.

Richard Laviolette/Ghost Bees - 2006-09-12 - Jeff
Tentative date for Richard Laviolette/Ghost Bees(Halifax) tour stop at 130 King St. N., Waterloo set for Nov 2, 06.

Leah Abramson/T. Nile show - 2006-09-11 - Jeff
Unfortunately, it is with sadness that I have to announce that Leah Abramson/T. Nile tour won't be making it to Ontario on this pass, so this show must be cancelled. Hopefully we can see them again soon!

Birthday Party Show! - 2006-09-08 - Jeff
We've added Guelph's Elbow Beach Surf Club to the show, and now Vincat, of Victoria!

Birthday Party Show! - 2006-08-30 - Jeff
Announcing the Birthday Party Show, a part of the Birthday Party Tour of The Winks of Victoria.